​A MedaNext online care plan, we call it a “Health Path” in combination with our Health Coach service is the solution for today’s care plan/compliance crisis. With email and text message reminders and a patient journal, a MedaNext health path is a great way to help your patients manage their health.​ ​Our Health Coaches make working with MedaNext simple -- send your MedaNext Health Coach the care instructions you currently use for surgical procedures, chronic illnesses or wellness plans and your MedaNext Health Coach will get to work. ​ ​Your Health Coach will create online interactive care plans that educate, guide and remind your clients of important elements of their health managed from a desktop, tablet or smart phone.​

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The Benefits of a Health Path

Care plans today are an inconsistent mix of print outs, handwritten notes, brochures, verbal communications, three ring binders, class room instructions and in clinic videos. A Health Path brings all care plan content together in an intelligent patient guide that improves patient satisfaction and reduces readmissions.

  • Works with healthcare providers to design templates.
    • Collects care plan content.
    • Creates templates.
    • Personalizes health path and assigns to a patient.
    • Adds care team members, friends and family.
    • Helps patients access and understand their health path.
  • Directs and collaborates with Health Coach.
    • Health path reduces patient phone calls to clinic.
    • Personalized care plan for each patient.
    • Manages complex health problems.
    • Improves outcomes, reduces readmissions and lowers cost.
  • The information you need, when you need it.
    • Available on PC, tablet and smart phone.
    • Email or text message reminders for medications and vaccinations.
    • Daily list of treatments and therapies.
    • Share health path with Friends and family.
    • Support network of patients with similar conditions.


Cloud based technology enables constant feature improvements.

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